Sitting At The Feet…An Afternoon With John Perkins

by Frank Powell

Allow me to make a confession…there are days (and maybe weeks) in vocational ministry that seem monotonous. I will admit that most of the monotony is a product of my own downfalls and weaknesses. This is not to say those times are insignificant or unimportant, but it is to say in those times it is difficult to see what impact is being made for the Lord or what impact the Lord is making on me. There are times, however, when you feel the presence and impact of the Lord in your life and/or in your ministry in a very powerful way. In those times, you have that “mountaintop experience,” similar to what Peter, James, and John must have experienced when they witnessed Jesus being transfigured before their eyes. This past weekend I had a “mountaintop experience.”

In preparation for a youth event in Starkville, MS where I am speaking, I had the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion with Dr. John Perkins. John Perkins is one of the most highly esteemed voices in the world on reconciliation and justice. He speaks all across the globe to all groups of people. He has written several very powerful books, including Let Justice Roll DownFollow Me To Freedom, and Leadership Revolution, among others. Dr. Perkins has eleven honorary doctorate degrees, and two universities have established John Perkins centers.

I actually was able to catch up with him as he returned from a trip in California and was preparing to speak at an event in Pennsylvania.  I wanted to post some of my conversation with Doc, as I asked him about his upbringing, his thoughts on the church and mission, and his view of God as it relates to the church’s effectiveness. I hope you grow as much from these clips as I did listening to him.

I started by asking Dr. Perkins about his upbringing, and how his upbringing has affected his theology and his views on justice and reconciliation.

I then asked Dr. Perkins a simple, yet profound and complex question…”What is the church?”

The final question I asked Dr. Perkins relates to the why a small view of God hinders the mission and effectiveness of the church.


I love you all. To God be the glory forever. Amen!

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