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7 Churches Jesus Did Not Die For

I remember my wedding day so clearly. Standing at the front of a small church in Greenwood, MS, legs shaking, I watched as the doors finally opened. There was my wife. I really couldn’t believe she was marrying me. When I think about the church being the bride of Christ, …

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8 “Biblical” Christian Phrases That Are Man-Made, Not God-Given

Growing up, I played a game called “Broken Telephone.” The idea is straightforward. One person whispers a message to someone beside them, the message rolls around a circle of people, and the final person announces the message to the entire group. What results is a distortion of the original message, ranging …

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9 “Church Approved” Sins That Plague Your Life

I was in an engineering class the first time I watched the tragic explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Even though I wasn’t alive when it happened, I caught a glimpse of the horror thousands must have felt as the events unfolded. And, the first question everyone wanted to know …