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Book Review: Surprised By Hope

WARNING: I am providing a lengthy review for Surprised By Hope. This is intentional. I want to devote some time to giving you guys a thorough evaluation and discussion of a book that is much needed in all Christian circles today. Surprised By Hope is that important. But…if you want …

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LIFE HELP #3: 10 Apps That Help Me In Ministry

In today’s tech driven world, the task of staying on top of your tech game can seem daunting. Technology and media is a huge part of our culture today, and media can be a useful tool if we approach it properly. With that being said, I thought I would fill …

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Life Help #1: Evernote

I want to begin offering a new “layer” to the types of posts I put out from week to week. One of my goals as a writer and a blogger is to share the knowledge and insights I have gleaned from God and life experiences. Although I want to continue …