In less than three years, my site has received over two million views. My content has been featured on platforms such as Relevant, Church Leaders, Thought Catalog, and others. One of my posts was even translated into Chinese and featured on China’s largest search engine site, Sina (think Google or Yahoo).

I look for Truth everywhere, whether I’m ordering coffee, playing with my kids, or writing. God is truth, and when I see God, I write about it. This allows me to write with confidence and passion on a variety of topics, including the church, Christian living, current events, marriage, and parenting. Here are a few samples from my site.


10 Reasons Churches Are Not Reaching Millennials

9 “Church Approved” Sins That Plague Your Life

Christian Living

Why Are So Many Christians Bored With God? Here Are 6 Reasons

I Am Waking Up At 5 a.m…And It Has Changed My Life

7 Spiritual Consequences Of Living A Hurried, Busy Life


7 Things Youth Need From Their Parents So They Won’t Abandon God

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9 Things Your Children Need (But Won’t Tell You)


7 Truths About Marriage You Will Not Hear In Church

10 Principles For Christian Dating That Will Transform Lives

12 Truthful Marriage Vows You Won’t Hear At A Wedding

Work As A Freelance Writer 

As a freelance writer, I’ve written original articles for Church Leaders and Faith It. Here are a few of those. 

Manny Pacquiao and Counting the Cost of Standing for Christ (Church Leaders)

Safeguard Your Sex Life: 6 Ways to Keep the Little Foxes Out of the Vineyard (Church Leaders)

7 Warnings Signs Your Culture Is Damaged or Corrupt (Church Leaders)

10 Ways Pastors Can Thrive, Not Just Survive, Through the Summer Slump (Church Leaders)

Her Friends “Wouldn’t Babysit Him for a Million Dollars”—20 Yrs Later, He Writes This to His Mom (Faith It)

10 Killer Apps That Actually Make Your Life BETTER (Faith It)

What you can expect from me. 

  • High-quality, engaging content. I can’t promise you an article that goes viral, but I can promise you high-quality content that adds value to your readers.
  • Social media promotion. I will promote the content I create through social media and e-mail newsletters.
  • Professionalism and efficiency. My goal is to serve you and your audience. But I’m ultimately working for God. That sounds cliche, but for me it’s a mantra. Here’s what it means for you: I will bring everything to the table. I won’t allow platform size or price to drive the level of energy, creativity, and passion I put into the content I create. Every piece deserve all of me because every word reflects God.

Contact me. 

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