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7 Signs You Love Comfort More Than Jesus

This past weekend, while traveling home with my family, I narrowly avoided tragedy. I was changing lanes on a busy interstate. Nothing new there. I frequent busy interstates. But this time was different. As I eased over, I failed to see the car in my blind spot. Then came a …

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10 Signs Of a Healthy Church

Every year 4,000 churches close their doors. Compare that with only 1,000 new churches opening every year. What does that equal? A problem.  Churches are dying every day in this country, and it is alarming. Some deaths are unavoidable. Like the man diagnosed with an incurable disease while working out everyday and …

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10 Values Of Millennials Shaping The Church

The Millennials are unique. No one remotely familiar with the generational landscape would deny it. This generation possesses a unique set of values, passions, and desires. And these values and passions perplex many people. Some believe the Millennials are the generation the church (and the world) needs. Others are scared …

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7 Important Things To Understand About Doubt

Doubt. When I say the word, thoughts immediately come to your mind. For some, the reality of doubt hurts you. It is a legitimate struggle. And this struggle leaves you on an island. For others, doubt is the absence of faith. There is no place for doubt in the life …

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7 Really Dumb Reasons To Leave A Church

Church hopping. It’s like Jesus hopscotch. With a Buick or Cadillac instead of Nikes or Reeboks. And everyone seems to be playing. Christians jump around from church to church. Hop from one trend to another. And there are certainly valid reasons to leave a church. But there are many more terrible …

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12 Signs You Are A Modern-Day Pharisee

The Pharisees are mentioned in pulpits and classrooms all over the world. They are the source of jokes. The topic of sermons. Man, I wish I had a penny for every time a Christian teacher referenced the Pharisees. I wouldn’t be here. Maybe in the Caribbean somewhere. But not here. #truth. Here …